Specialized Offerings

Joshua Bruner​

Digital Sound Meditation For Deep Relaxation (45 minutes)

*Also available virtually*

Includes an in-depth presentation and sound meditation designed to alleviate stress and promote relaxation through activation of certain brain waves. Joshua will describe the science behind sound meditations and the benefit music can offer in our day-to-day life. This offer includes resources in PDF and a Sound Meditation (stream/download) for individuals and the organization to support ongoing practice and learning. The 45-minute session includes:

  • An in-depth presentation on what Sound Meditations are, ways to listen in daily life, and the latest scientific findings
  • 20-minute sound guided meditation stream/download
  • Q&A

Mindful Tools and Play for Organizations (90 minutes)

*Also available virtually*

Mindfulness and play support easing stress and building creativity for organizations and teams. We will practice guided meditation and participate in light-hearted accessible conscious games that build teams, and leave you refreshed to take on the rest of your day! 

  • Guided secular mindfulness meditation interspersed.
  • Four mindful games for adults that can be shared with youth at home. 
  • Instructions provided verbally, and on the screen for accessibility, along with a downloadable PDF.
  • “Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person – mind, body, intelligence and creativity.” -Viola Spolin

Mindfulness for Community Warriors NPOs and Business (90 minutes) 

*Also available virtually*
Mindfulness builds clarity and fortitude in community work for activists, therapists, and social workers. Being mindful increases our ability to recover from stress, avoid being reactionary, and ultimately be more present and productive in service of your clients and teams. Together we will discover expanded ways of practicing mindfulness, on and off the job, through breathing, movement, and brief self-created phrases or affirmations. 

  • Guided secular mindfulness meditation interspersed.
  • Instructions provided verbally, and on the screen for accessibility. 
  • PDF provided for home practice.

Dismantling Microaggressions: Respectful Engagement in the Workplace (2-hours)

*Also available virtually*
Like sarcasm or passive aggressive language, microaggressions are woven into the fabric of how we communicate consciously, and unconsciously, in and out of the workplace. Some of us grow up with unconscious biases and inherit language learned from our families, schools, and communities that can cause unintentional and intentional harm. We witness it in most media where it’s okay to demonstrate biases. Microaggressions wreak havoc on our personal relationships, and our professional performance dampening productivity, and affecting the bottom line of our organizations.

This training is designed to help your organization see through their own biases to their team members as individuals who are humans, with sensitivities, flaws, and brilliance, as they support each other in achieving the goals of the organization. 

  • 2-hour in depth presentation.
  • Large and small group activities. 
  • PDF of terms and other tools provided.

Transgender and Gender Expansive Ally Training (2-hours)

*Also available virtually*
This engaging and dynamic cultural training supports institutions and individuals in being allies for trans* and LGBQQIA employees, colleagues, board members, partners, investors/funders, and clients. The workshop, which primarily focuses on the transgender population, provides basic and advanced information including; defining terminology, examining definitions of discriminatory conduct, and best practices for being an ally at work. 

Through personal stories and multi-media, you will see and experience some of the barriers and successes the transgender, gender variant and LGBQQIA communities face, in a compassionate atmosphere. You will gain tools for deepening personal understanding of the issues that will support your professional, and community member ally-ship.

  • 2-hour in depth presentation.
  • Large and small group activities. 
  • PDF of terms and other tools provided.

Fresh "Lev" White

Adam Moskowitz​

Mindfulness Meditation for School Staff (30 minutes) *Sliding scale available

*Also available virtually*

These sessions incorporate evidence-based mindfulness practices promoting stress reduction and resilience, and are designed to strengthen community and school culture. The 30-minute session includes: 

  • 20-minute guided secular mindfulness meditation practice.
  • Group share, Q&A, and guidance to incorporate learnings into the life of an educator
    *Ideal minimum = 1 session per month

Mindfulness 101 for K-12 Educators (60 minutes) *Sliding scale available / Also available virtually*

This 4+ part series of presentations is designed to support faculty by providing a deep understanding of the utility, science, and practice of mindfulness.

  • Learn techniques that can reduce stress and promote joy
  • Support educators to more skillfully meet the demands of the classroom
  • Learn how mindfulness supports students to cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and resilience
    *Each presentation includes a brief guided secular mindfulness session.

*Schools are asked to commit to at least four presentations/year in addition to regular Meditate Together sessions.  

Additional mindfulness offerings available for parents. Please email [email protected] to learn more. 

Mindfulness in Motion (50 minutes)

*Also available virtually*

Beginning a seated meditation practice is challenging for a variety of reasons. By understanding that a meditation practice can be found in any environment, regardless of external factors, we open ourselves to the simplicity of meditation. Mindfulness in Motion shows how daily activities can provide an entry point to formal meditation or simply serve as informal practice opportunities. Participants learn how to bring mindful awareness to everyday actions in the workplace and beyond. All practices are secular, gentle, and near-zero impact. The 50-minute session includes:

  • Introductory presentation on mindfulness*, emphasizing the fundamentals of sensory perception and its relationship to emotional regulation
  • Two guided movement-based mindfulness practices 
  • Discussion/Q&A
  • Suggestions and resources for continued practice (PDF)

*It may be helpful,  but is not required, for participants to have taken Mindfulness 101. Coming soon: An in-depth version of three 50-minute sessions.

Karissa Sellman

Jill Kranitz

Introduction to Creative Engagement (60 minutes)

*Also available virtually*

In this introductory session, we’ll define creativity, how it relates to problem solving, and why it’s so important to bring into the workplace. Participants will take part in meditation and a creative engagement exercise specifically designed for your organization or challenge. This is also a great team building exercise. The 60-minute session includes:

  • An introduction to creativity, the creative process, and problem solving, and why it’s important in the workplace 
  • 10 minute guided secular meditation
  • Creative engagement exercise
  • Reflection

Integrating the Creative Mindset (Four Sessions, Weekly, 60 minutes each)

*Also available virtually*
This four-week program allows for further integration of the creative mindset for problem solving. The format is similar to the Introduction class, with more time given to the creative process. Each week a different topic or process related to creativity is presented with a corresponding engagement exercise. This program is customized to each organization’s challenges and needs. Each 60-minute sessions includes:

  • 10 minute topic discussion
  • 10 minute guided secular meditation
  • Creative engagement exercise
  • Reflection

Compassion Basics: (1 hour)

*Also available virtually*
Participants will learn the definition of compassion, its benefits, and why it’s critical in the workplace. Participants will be guided in a meditation and compassion exercise and will be given a takeaway to practice compassion in their daily lives. One-hour session includes:

  • An introduction on what compassion is, the benefits for oneself and in the workplace, and research with examples of other organizations with compassion-based culture
  • 10 minute meditation and reflection
  • 15 minute compassion exercise
  • Processing and wrap up

Integrating Compassion Into Your Organization (4-6, 50 minute Weekly Sessions)

*Also available virtually*
This program is customized to each organization’s specific needs and workplace culture. Each week a different aspect of compassion is examined through lecture, meditation, and an experiential compassion exercise. Weekly skills build upon the previous week, helping participants understand, experience, and integrate compassion into their daily lives both in the workplace and at home. 

Weekly pillars include:

  • Compassion fundamentals
  • Self compassion
  • Compassion for others
  • Compassion for Community 
  • Each 50-minute session includes:
  • A lecture on compassion
  • 25 minute meditation and compassion experience
  • Integration and recap

Add ons:

  • Downloadable guided audio meditations
  • PDF booklet of skills