Due to the recent Coronavirus Outbreak and the directives of the WHO, CDC and U.S. Department of State, Mind EQ has suspended its in-person sessions and we’ve moved all offerings to virtual sessions. The virtual sessions have been extremely well received, and it’s proven to be an excellent way for people to come together to practice.

Upcoming Mindfulness & Meditation Classes Online & in San Francisco

Virtual Mindfulness Classes By Donation

MONDAYS – 6:30-7:30PM PST through SF Dharma Collective (meeting virtually until further notice)  Book here

  – 6:30-7:15PM PST through us at Mind EQ – (meeting virtually always) Book here

On both Mondays & Fridays, we’ll practice using a variety of evidence based methods designed to mitigate stress and anxiety, improve sleep, increase empathy and compassion, and promote overall well-being. These sessions are excellent for those either in, or just finishing a MBSR or MBCT series. In each class, there will be guided meditation, a talk about the practice and community Q&A. No prior experience with meditation is necessary. All are welcome.

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Teacher: Dan Petrie:

Since 2005, Dan has been practicing mindfulness, meditation and studying the Dharma (aka teachings of the Buddha) . He began learning mindfulness at a young age after looking for ways to deal with anxiety. This later led him to dedicating himself more fully to mindfulness, meditation and dharma study. In 2017 Dan became a Trained Mindfulness Facilitator through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. In addition to his years of secular mindfulness training, he’s studied extensively in the Vipassana and Zen traditions under teachers Howard Cohn of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, as well as Abbot Charles Tenshin Roshi and Vice-Abbot David Jokai Blackwell of Yokoji Zen Mountain Center.

What is Mindfulness?

Many people think mindfulness is solely the act of meditation, and about clearing your mind to where there are no thoughts occurring. The image of a person sitting with their legs folded, eyes closed in a blissful looking “state” is a common image that the media has produced. While mindfulness can involve meditation, that’s just one form of mindfulness practice. Mindfulness can be practiced in any moment of day to day life. One of my favorite definitions of mindfulness comes from one of my teachers at UCLA, Diana Winston who says “mindful awareness is paying attention to present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with what is”. Lately, I’ve been contemplating the variety of mindfulness definitions, and an even simpler way to think about it might be “being aware of being aware without judgment and openness”.  Mindfulness can be practiced in a seated meditation style, while walking, eating, cooking or in any day to day activity. 

Mindfulness Meditation classes are held every Monday and Friday night beginning at 6:30PM PST.